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Louisiana Damage Prevention Summit Locate Rodeo

Tuesday, January 15 at 8AM

Site of Rodeo:
JESTC Training Facility.
There will be Pre-Event/Mandatory Rules Meeting 8:30AM. Participants will be contacted with location.

$25 entry fee

The Louisiana Damage Prevention Summit is an annual event focused on educating all stakeholders in many useful tools for preventing utility damages.

The Summit includes a Locate Rodeo at this year’s event. The goal of the Locate Rodeo is to provide recognition to the locate technicians who protect our communities daily. Locate Rodeo is managed by the Louisiana Damage Prevention Summit Committee; that will coordinate a variety of volunteers and sponsors.

The Louisiana Damage Prevention Summit Locate Rodeo is a competition for underground utility line locators. This one day event is an innovative approach to highlighting the skills of people who otherwise would go unnoticed for job well done.

Competitors demonstrate their talents under pressure in a competitive environment. Locators will compete in one of four divisions: Gas, Water, Power, or Telecom.

You may only enter one division.
For more information call: (888) 549-6363 or email us,

1st place in each division will receive cash prizes.

Amount will be determined by number of entries.

There will also be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall winners.

The Grand Champion of this year’s event will win an all-expense paid trip to the 2019 International Utility Locate Rodeo, site and date TBD.

Sponsorship of the Locate Rodeo is available.

There are two levels of sponsorship:

Platinum: $500

Gold: $250

Sponsors will be recognized at the Rodeo event and throughout the Damage Prevention Summit.